Everest Handicraft Industries Inc. (EHI)

Everest Handicraft Industries Inc. (EHI) was founded in 1999, by Mrs. Ang Lami Sherpa in Kathmandu, Nepal with a unique mission to promote handicraft products of Nepal and introduce unique products to the people of around the World. We are mainly concentrated to increase income opportunities to the people from the hilly and mountainous regions of Nepal where the raw materials comes from.

Handicraft sector is such a business sector that opens many doors of employment opportunities to women and people of rural area of Nepal. Everest Handicraft is dedicated to assist them by exporting their products to developed country. It also creates the possibilities to enjoy with the unique handicraft products to people of developed countries. Everest Handicraft Industries Inc. is dedicated to bringing you fine quality, handcrafted items from the Himalayan country of Nepal. EHI selects every handicraft items directly from the artisans. Each item is a truly unique art form, made by the indigenous tribe of Nepal. We work closely with our artisans and or suppliers to develop new product ideas based on available skills and materials as well as the unlimited inspiration of Nepalese and Sherpa culture. Besides, it has its’ own production unit of fine quality Nepalese-Tibetan woven rugs. EHI is responsible to its’ manufacturers, importers, customers as well as about the nature. It encourages manufacturers to produce handicraft items not harming the nature. It selects the products only from the producers, who have met the sustainable guidelines of EHI. [Read more]


Nepalese-Tibetan Rugs

Nepalese people have been making hand knotted rugs for centuries for household uses. After entering Tibetan refugee into Nepal, the hand knotted rugs became the exportable products. Our rugs are woven exclusively from 100% virgin Tibetan sheep wool. It is more durable, more resistant to dirt and has more luster overtime.

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Green Plant Fiber - Nettle

Nettle (Allo) is a wild plant, grown into the high mountain areas of Nepal. For centuries, People have been using its’ leaves as tea and curry. They have been using its’ stick to fed cattle and its fiber has been using into making household materials such as clothes, shawls and rugs. Nettle is very durable. It does not need any pesticides and any chemical dyeing. It is widely used in natural color.
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Green Plant Fiber – Hemp

Hemp is wild plant and grows in the hill areas of Nepal. Hemp is the largest and strongest plant fiber, which is twice as strong as cotton because it is extremely abrasion and rot resistant. People have been cultivating hemp longer than other textile fibers. Hemp does not require pesticides and controls erosion of topsoil and produces oxygen.

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Nepali Dhaka Weaving

Dhaka is an exquisite cotton fabric hand woven in numerous colors with infinite and unlimited number of patterns. At present, Dhaka shawls and cloths are gaining popularity among buyers locally and internationally. It is an intricate art in traditional hand weaving technique that has been practised in Nepal for many generations.

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Himalayan Pashmina

There is no recorded history as to who started using Pashmina, but Nepalese women have traditionally worn Pashmina shawls. Our ancestor has described Pashmina as sensual sublimity. It is they who perfected the skill to retrieve Pashmina up to 95% purity and the skill got passed from generation to generation as a heritage of Nepalese craft.

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